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I wanted to say that I am very thankful for all the support/reads/favs you guys have been giving me and I hope to return to writing soon!
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Kyoya could have killed him, actually murdered him.

The family lawyer was pretty good he could get acquitted easily, at the worse he’d have to do community service.

No one would miss Tamaki, right? The guy was cute, pretty face, nice smile, a good person; Kyoya could find another lover.

“Mon amour! What are you doing on your feet?”

Kyoya rolled his eyes and picked up his book, “I’m pregnant not an invalid.”

“You’re not supposed to be doing anything strenuous.”

“Picking up my book and putting it away is not a strenuous activity Tamaki for the last time.”
“You could of asked me to get it for you! I would have.”

“I know Tamaki but I like to do things for myself.”

“Well, if you insist.” Kyoya murmured in the background.

It’s been a week since Kyoya told Tamaki the “good news” which revolved around the blonde talking animatedly to anyone who would listen that he was going to be a dad. Now, while Kyoya should have taken that lightly and basked in the glow of being pregnant and having Tamaki fawn all over him he was an Ootori.

Which meant that Ootoris do things for themselves by themselves. Maybe with the exception of the women of the family the men were pretty independent. They liked to isolate themselves, strike a conversation if it would benefit them.

So of course Tamaki didn’t understand that no, Kyoya didn’t want help sitting down, or brushing his teeth and god help him go to the bathroom. He just wanted to sit on the couch, enjoy his day, and read a book.
Why was that so hard for that blonde idiot to understand?

Didn't he already do enough damage and impregnate Kyoya?

That was harsh. Kyoya’s eyes burned. His boyfriend was just trying to help. If he wasn’t a cesspool filled with hormones he would ignore the overwhelming need to cry.

“K-kyoya what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” The blonde moved about animatedly around grabbing the tissue box from the table. He hands itch to call the doctor, was there something wrong with the baby?

Kyoya rubbed his eye, dropping the book in his hand. “It’s nothing.” He accepted the tissue and blew his nose.

“Well it has to be something enough to make you cry. What hurts?”

Kyoya sobbed, “Its just the hormones! I want to murder you one minute and the next I just want to hug you and kiss you and tell you I love you. I fucking hate you.”

Tamaki laughed and sat down on the couch next to him. “Well that’s a relief. I thought something was wrong with the baby.”

“I hate you.”

“I love you too dear.” He patted Kyoya’s cheek, “You look nice pregnant. We should have done it sooner!”

Kyoya rolled his eyes, “I’m barely showing idiot. How can I look nice knocked up when I throw up the majority of the day?”

“Mommy looks good regardless of what he’s doing. He’s lovely all the time.”

Kyoya threw the tissue away and laid back in the sofa, “Have you told your dad yet?”

“No, I was waiting for you to tell yours.”

“Well that could take some time.”

Tamaki laughed. “You just don’t want to tell your father because then your sister will know and you’ll never hear the end of it.”

“You know you are really breaking stereotypes.”

Tamaki raised his eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“You’re an idiot but you’re not acting like one right now. I’m shocked.”

Tamaki placed a hand on Kyoya’s stomach, “Your mommy is a bully, did you know that?” He rubbed his stomach affectionately.

“You do know that you’re talking to a fetus that hasn’t developed into a full blown baby.”

“Uh huh.” Tamaki patted Kyoya still flat stomach, “It’s called talking to the baby Kyoya.”
He rolled his eyes, “It’s not a baby Tamaki, at least not yet.”

“Ssh! You’re upsetting the baby! You don’t want him to think we don’t love him any less.”
He sighed and laid his head back against the sofa. There was no use in fighting with him, he learnt that a few days after meeting the blonde.

Maybe the baby will inherent Tamaki’s stubbornness.

It would be kind of cute. Him having a miniature Tamaki around, giggling and smiling.  Maybe it won’t be so bad.  

“Tamaki. I’m hungry.” He rubbed his arm as he looked straight up at the ceiling. “Can you get me some fruit?”

Tamaki’s eyes lit up, “I’m on it!” He ran to the kitchen. Kyoya laughed and spread out on the couch.

He could definitely deal with two Tamakis. At least if they were both like this, helpful and cute then he guessed he could make it work.

Tamaki came back with a bowl of fruit salad and handed it to Kyoya. He felt a pang of nausea hit him, he frowned.

“What’s wrong? Did you change your mind Mon amour?” Tamaki looked at him concernedly. He laid a hand on Kyoya’s shoulder.

“Yeah I’m nauseas. Can you take it back please?” Kyoya gritted his teeth. He could feel the bile rise in his throat as he stared at the strawberry. He bit back a groan when the smell faltered as Tamaki picked up the bowl and left for the kitchen.  

He tried to swallow down the bile and rushed to the bathroom. He sat on his knees and gripped the sides of the porcelain toilet and heaved. He tried to use those dumb breathing exercises from that idiot maternity video that Tamaki demanded he watch.
It wasn’t working.

Kyoya vomited violently. He felt tears prick at the corner of his eyes and he blinked back a few tears.  He felt hands at his back, rubbing soothingly and kisses against his temple.

He stopped heaving with what felt like 3 hours but was really 3 minutes. He reached up and flush the toilet and leaned over the bowl trying to calm himself down.

He felt another hand rub his scalp and he suddenly wanted to yell at Tamaki to leave him alone and sulk in piece at what he did to him.

At what it did to him.

And he thought pregnancy couldn’t get any more degrading.

Him, an Ootori leaning over a toilet and retching his guts out. Not to mention, crying and emotionally incapacitated.

If his dad could see him now. What would he say?

“You’re alright Kyoya.” Tamaki kissed his sweaty forehead and got up to get some mouthwash.
He opened the bottle, “I heard if you eat some saltine crackers, it helps with the morning sickness.”

Kyoya groaned. He slowly pushed himself up from the toilet and murmured when he felt the cup in his hand.  He felt a throbbing pain in his head as he poured the liquid in his mouth.

He got up with some help from the blonde and made the short journey to the sink.  Swishing the mouthwash in his mouth he spit it out when the burning started to set in.

“Are you feeling a bit better mon ami?”

Kyoya wanted to scream obscenities and the idiot but he bit his tongue and rinsed his mouth out.
“I hate being pregnant.”

Tamaki wrapped his arms around Kyoya. “You’ll be okay, I promise.”

Kyoya really hoped so. He couldn’t stand it!
What to Expect When Kyoya's Expecting 2 WIP
disclaimer: I don't own OHSHC 
a/n: I almost forgot about this!! I am very happy to announce the second chapter of this! I'm not sure how long I'm going to do this but maybe 10 chapters? That sounds like a good number. 
warnings: does contain mpreg and cute tamakyo banters 
I wanted to say that I am very thankful for all the support/reads/favs you guys have been giving me and I hope to return to writing soon!
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